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sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2016

Hello from Lapland

Sunday mood. 

I am not very good to write english `cause I haven`t done it recently. But now I can learn and I do it my own style - in spite of mistakes. The most important thing is to convey my thoughts and ideas. I work in tourism company so maybe writing english will strengthen my oral english language skills and the other way round.

I have noticed that there is people all around world who have read my blog. So maybe writing english is win-win situation. :D

Maybe I tell something about myself and Lapland.

My name is Noora and I am 25 years old. I live in Rovaniemi (Finland) with my husband. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland. As I said earlier, I work in tourism company "Lapland Safaris".

I got married with my man of life last summer. I am so grateful for meeting this man two years ago.

I love nature of Lapland. Here is so lovely nature. Water of lakes and rivers is clean, swamps and wilderness are beautiful in their own, rugged way and the fours seasons offers a wide range of possibilities for interests - for exampe skiing in winter and berry picking in summer.

Originally I am from Ranua which is famous for "golden berry" (up, left picture); cloudberry. Also I have picked these berries ever since I was little. Time of picking thesee berries is end of the summer, when there is big business around this golden berry! I and my husband earned over thousand euros picking cloudberries for two weeks. Of course we also freezed cloudberries for winter time. Cloudberries are delicious and C-vitamin rich berries.

Time of picking blueberries is directly after time of picking cloudberries. Blueberries are quite of super food! And nature of Lapland is full of this super food.

Fall colors. I love autumn of Lapland.

Snowmobiling, campfire, hot mint cocoa, spring sun...something better?

Welcome to be with me.

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